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Dornbirn, Austria

Topics Dornbirn GFC 2024:

Fiber innovations:
Is the core focus, including all applications like apparel, home, automotive, technical textiles etc. Nonwoven applications itself show very high innovative potential and will be part of this group. Natural fibers like cotton, wool and others will enrich the wholistic approach in the fibres space. Raw materials for the manmade fibre production like Pulp and upstream materials for synthetic fibers will extend this core pillar.
Circular Solutions & Recycling & Sustainability:
Due to rising awareness of the climate change and the implementation of the “Green Deal”, “Sustainable Development Goals”, “ESG” and other, this pillar became enormously relevant over the years including:
- Sustainability in general for textiles and nonwovens
- New and upcoming sorting- and separation technologies
- Mechanical recycling and chemical recycling

Energy Solutions:
As energy is becoming significantly important for the whole value chain in terms of costs and sustainability, there will be a strong focus on energy innovations at the next congress.  
Emerging Tech:
Topics around Digitalization, AI, Transparency and Traceability will get high influence in the value chain and thus open up new approaches in innovation.