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The Fiber specialists will meet in the heart of Europe

City of Dornbirn

With a population of around 50.000, DORNBIRN is the largest town in the Vorarlberg region - a pleasant and dynamic town located in a corner of Austria to the borders of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. Dornbirn attracts guests from all over the world with its diverse range of attractions - even for short visits. For further information, please contact Dornbirn Tourism directly: tourismus@dornbirn.at; https://www.dornbirn.info/de- your Partner in Dornbirn.

Dornbirn the “smartest“ city
According to a nation-wide survey commissioned by the “Industriemagazin”, Dornbirn is Austria’s smartest city in no fewer than five of a total of eight categories: quality of life, business-friendly attitude, innovative energy, transport and traffic planning and energy  efficiency. What is more, the charming town is only 1.5 hours from Zurich and 2 hours from Munich and offers excellent transport connections.