The CHT/BEZEMA Group is a successful, medium-sized company for specialty chemicals with its head office in Tübingen, Germany and 21 affiliates all over the world. Our products improve the quality, the functionality and the performance of textiles, construction products, paints, coatings as well as cleaning agents and care products.
Our heritage belongs to the textile industry. Over the last 60 years our company has developed to a worldwide top player in this field mainly with the development, production and marketing of textile auxiliaries as well as dyes.


The Federation of Industries in Vorarlberg

The Federation of Industries is the voluntary and independent cooperation of around 150 companies and 220 personalities from industry and industry-related branches of the Vorarlberg region. It is part of the Austrian Federation of Industries, which is the biggest interest representation of Austrian entrepreneurs and industry.

Kunst Universität Linz

Kunstuniversität Linz is a place that successfully bridges the gap between different fields of study that range from free art and applied design to scientific research. To give an example, the Fashion & Technology curriculum offers a programme for contemporary fashion design with a focus on innovation and technology.

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Perlon® – The Filament Company

The Perlon Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic filaments and operates from locations in Germany, USA and China. We develop customer-oriented products of excellent quality through technical expertise and innovation. Our portfolio incorporates an extremely diverse range of products for almost any industrial application. We are constantly creating new solutions for unique products – developed today for the markets of tomorrow.


Textile, Apparel, Shoe and Leather Industry of Vorarlberg

The business unit TBSL is the legal representative of the textile, apparel, shoe and leather industry within the chamber of commerce in Vorarlberg / Austria.