Visit the exhibition area at the Dornbirn GFC

From 15 - 17 September we will be online for our visitors on air with 96 presentations and an exhibition area with 25 booths. Here are a few examples of the colorful mix.




See and be seen!

Is the motto for the visitors in the meeting room ““. With one click congress participants get into a conversation. Guests can see who is speaking to whom. They move their picture around with their mouse. To join a conversation, they move closer. To leave it, they move away. Simple as that.
As in Dornbirn itself , networking and the exchange of informations is the focus of the congress.


60. Dornbirn-GFC 2021, 15 – 17 September

25 exhibitors: virtual exhibition hall
"": meeting point for getting to know each other and networking
Innovation platform: Packaging Industry meets Fibre Industry
Deep Dive Session & round table: Edana/Index & Dornbirn GFC

 96 technical presentations on the topics:
- Fiber Innovation
- Sustainability and Circular Economy
- Apparel & Fashion & Sustainability
- Surface Modification
- Nonwovens
- Machinery
Program and ticket registration:
Ticket price all inclusive: € 300,-



Specialists from the global fiber world give insight into their latest innovations. We present the speakers of the 3-day online congress from September 15 to 17, 2021. We thank all speakers from industry and research for their support at the anniversary online event.

Information, speaker line-up, ticket registration:


Program with 96 presentations online!

96 expert presentations from industry and academic research support the Dornbirn-GFC 2021 in online format with lectures. Use our innovation platform to secure your knowledge advantage on the following topics.
- Fiber Innovations
- Circular Economy, Sustainability
- Machinery
- Surface Modification
- Apparel &Fashion & Sustainability

60. Dornbirn-GFC 2021 form 15 - 17 September.
Program and ticket registration:


2021 the 60. Dornbirn-GFC network online!

The Global Fiber Congress will network visitors online with 96 lectures and 20 exhibitors from the fiber industry. The program from September 11 - 13, 2021, is available for download on our homepage. The registration for the 3 day ticket is also possible from now on our homepage.

The congress presents the following topics: Fiber Innovation, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Surface Modification, Apparel and Machinery.