Review Webinar Week 2020

The Topis of Circular Economy and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) attracted an unexpected high number of global participants.

Top lectures and panel discussions from fiber producers, equipment manufacturers, finished products providers as well as authorities and several experts.

The opening day was a successful start to the Dornbirn-GFC 2020 Webinar Week. The president of the Austrian Fibers Institute and Board Member of Lenzing Group, Robert van de Kerkhof impressed the visitors with his presentation: „Stand up! - It is five past twelve" – With this appeal towards sustainability he created a lot of attention of the global audience.

Motivating speeches and actions giving us the energy to manage the „way forward“ in terms of sustainability. Top discussions and lectures during the event provided a lot of confidence to manage this situation now and not at the expense future generations. The presentations and the panel discussion of the experts led to a very positive feedback from the worldwide audience - nevertheless, everyone is looking forward to meeting personally next year in Dornbirn at the 60. Dornbirn-GFC 2021 from 15 -17 September.

Facts:   24 lectures and 4 panel discussions
           Paul Schlack and Wilhelm Albrecht prize award
           Approx. 400 global participants attending