Oerlikon Neumag EvoSteam Staple Fiber Technology Platform for Fiber Innovation

Room B
Wednesday, 09/13/2023, 14:45 - 15:10

Plant builder Oerlikon Neumag has introduced a unique and innovative concept that offers manufacturers long awaited opportunities for sustainable production of the world’s most utilized cotton type staple fiber. The new plant concept comprises a contemporary, easy-to-access plant setup and a huge paradigm shift alongside with reduced resource consumption in combination with excellent fiber quality and scalable output capacity.

Heinz Rohde (Oerlikon Textile GmbH & Co KG, Neumünster (GER))

For decades Oerlikon Neumag is a pioneering manufacturer in synthetic staple fiber plants. Energy costs, raw material prices, occupational safety and environmental protection are today's challenges. Productivity, resource efficiency and reliability are the keys to entrepreneurial success in the textile industry. In 5 years of intense research Oerlikon Neumag developed the most modern staple fiber plant solution in the market. In this speech Oerlikon Neumag´s EvoSteam staple fiber technology will be introduced as well as a sneak peek into further highlights will be given.