Fiber Innovation

Building a Closed-Loop: Molecular Recycling of Automotive Fiber Waste

The presentation will focus on Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, creating circular loops for automotive fiber applications. Eastman has created outlets for hard to recycle fiber waste that cannot be mechanical recycled while creating supply for

Room B
Thursday, 09/14/2023, 09:25 - 09:50
Anders Ludvigsen et al, Eastman, Kingsport (USA)

Eastman, a materials innovation company, is collaborating across multiple industries and value chains to recycle post-industrial and post-consumer fiber waste. This presentation will highlight Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies, focusing on fiber applications specifically for the automotive industry. Eastman is using its Polyester Renewal Technology (PRT), a form of molecular or advanced recycling (Methanolysis), to recycle a broad stream of polyester fabrics and filaments, transforming them into new raw material with zero performance compromise. This session will dive into how this technology can help create value out of waste, and the 6 principles Eastman abides by to ensure a truly circular system. Eastman’s technology chemically breaks down former plastic/fiber waste to its molecular building blocks, purifies those building blocks, and reassembles them to produce products equivalent to virgin material. A facility with the latest generation of this technology is currently under construction in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. Upon completion in 2023, it will be the largest material-to-material molecular recycling facility in the world. In January 2022, Eastman announced intentions to invest up to €1 billion into an integrated molecular recycling and polyester production in France. The project will enable circularity for plastic waste that would otherwise be incinerated or end up in landfill.