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    2. DORNBIRN GFC Innovation Days

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    Main programme 2022

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    Opening day at the 61st Dornbirn-GFC 2022, 14 September!

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    Young Scientist Award:Young Scientist Award: Lenzing’s new prize for research projects on ethical and sustainable fashion

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    Early bird ticket available!

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61. Dornbirn-GFC 2022 from 14 - 16 September

2022 the 61st Dornbirn-GFC will take place from 14 - 16 September as usual in the Kultrhaus Dornbirn, Austria.


Sponsors actively contribute to the success of the DORNBIRN-GFC.

The Dornbirn-GFC is organized by the Austrian Fiber Institute on a non-profit basis.
Longstanding sponsors such as the state of Vorarlberg, the city of Dornbirn, Lenzing AG and CIRFS have been actively contributing to the success of the Dornbirn-GFC for years.

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Specials 2022:

2. Dornbirn-GFC INNOVATION DAYS + Young Scientist Award