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CELYS™ Compostable Polyester, A Game-Changing Innovation for Future of Polyester

Saal Bira
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 09:25 - 09:50 Uhr

After 7 years of dedicated research work, INTIMITI AUSTRALIA successfully commercialized CELYS™ compostable polyester fibre in 2021, and obtained compostable certifications (i.e. DIN, Seedling, BPI) for both EU and NA markets. According to TUV Rheinland lab test report, CELYS™ fibre is proven to be 95.4% biodegradable within 179 days under industrial composting conditions. Due to its unique chemical construction, CELYS™ fibre also has a great combination of attributes that outperform traditional polyester in many ways.

CELYS™ is the world’s very first certified compostable polyester, seamlessly integrating superior performances with sustainable practices. It was commercialized in 2021 by INTIMITI AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, a science-driven venture funded in 2014, who dedicated seven years to polymer and fibre designs and another two years to application researches. The mission of CELYS™ is to revolutionise the global polyester textile industry with its unique solutions to the two major challenges in our industry: 1) the increasing microplastic pollution concerns, and 2) a real textile-to-textile recycling circularity. Neither is easy to tackle with, but a brand-new polyester fibre like CELYS™ brings a lot of hope. As a compostable polyester fibre, CELYS™ is proven to be 95.4% compostable within 179 days under industrial composting conditions, according to lab test report by TUV Rheinland, and CELYS™ has successfully obtained compostable certifications (i.e. DIN, Seedling and BPI) for both EU and NA markets, first of its kind for the whole polyester world. The secrete of CELYS™ fibre lies in the easy break-down ester linkages inserted into the backbone of the polymer, which facilitates the hydrolysation, greatly accelerating the whole biodegradation rate, allowing CELYS™ fibres to be compostable while PET cannot. In addition, CELYS™ fibre has a great combination of attributes that outperform traditional polyester in many ways, e.g. cottony soft touch, natural moisture management, low-pilling, low-temp. dyeing. This offers greater design freedom for brands and designers. CELYS has also embarked on the research of a proprietary biochemical recycling technology, with an aim to build a textile to textile circularity system in the near future. CELYS™ compostable fibre, for a more sustainable polyester future!