New Process Technologies

TexBot, a scalable automated sorting sorting station

Saal Bira
Mittwoch, 11.09.2024, 17:35 - 18:00 Uhr

TexBot is a scalable automated textile waste sorting system that instantly identifies the composition, colour and other digital and visual characteristics of textile items so these can be sorted and traced based on various textile recycling feedstock requirements and limitations.

TexBot will be a compact, scalable and affordable automatic textile waste sorting system that can instantly identify textile composition using a patented combination of advanced NIR spectrometry built into the gripper of robotic arm technology. Sophisticated AI machine vision identification will direct the robot to the best place of NIR measurement on the garment. Based on the NIR spectra analysis, machine learning algorithms will be developed in-house to provide composition identification. Machine vision will provide further information such as item colour (via colour sensing), item ‘type’, fabric structure and brand-image recognition (from image library) as well as information ‘captured’ by various clothing tags such as RFID, NCF, QR codes. The combined algorithms will then provide material NIR identity, appearance and tag information and direct the robotic arm to place the item into the correct destination container going to the downstream recycling process. Each sorting action will be recorded to provide traceability of the sorting process and valuable data for sorters, recyclers and brands. By offering compact and affordable automated sorting stations that can be flexibly integrated into today's textile sorting operations and easily scaled up in pace with growing textile recycling capacity, we can solve the problem of the large upfront investment and area existing automated textile waste sorting belts require.