Circular process chains for carbon fiber composites – topics, trends and perspectives

Saal C
Mittwoch, 11.09.2024, 16:45 - 17:10 Uhr

Circular approaches for the reuse and recycling of carbon fibres, process technologies and quality assurance methods that enable an economic recycling of CFRP will be presented. The focus will lie on different reuse and recycling strategies along the life cycle of composite parts.

Johannes Leis (Sächsisches Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.)
Components made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) are essential for numerous technical applications, but difficult to recycle. In addition, during the manufacture of composite parts, waste is produced that can be reintroduced into the production process for other components. With regard to closing the carbon fibre loop, both a short-term and a long-term concept will be presented. While the long-term concept is based on the solvolytic treatment of composites and the subsequent processing of the recovered fibres, the short-term concept looks at the offcuts produced during the manufacture of semi-finished products and components. In this area, the French textile manufacturer CHOMARAT and the German textile research institute STFI have already made progress. In detail, the speakers will present their latest results on the following points: chemical recycling technologies for an economically efficient separation of matrix and carbon fibres from composite parts to reuse them; processing technologies for the reuse of prepreg production waste (e.g. cutting); technologies for converting recycled carbon fibres to produce yarns, fabrics and nonwovens for composite components; quality assurance methods for the characterization of recycled carbon fibre materials.