Surface Modification

Challenges in hydro management of man-made fibres

Saal C
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 11:25 - 11:50 Uhr

Hydrophilic treatment of hydrophobic fibres, filaments or nonwovens and its assessment to evaluate hydro management properties.

Gerhard Brändle (Zschimmer & Schwarz)
Current man-made fibre production speeds are only possible due to the use of sophisticated fibre auxiliaries applied after extrusion using a nozzle or a kiss roll application. A spin finish will adjust properties such as fibre-fibre friction, fibre-metal friction and antistatic behaviour. Additionally, a spin finish enables hydrophilicity of naturally hydrophobic fibres, filaments or nonwoven. It is well known that modern nonwoven should maintain its hydrophilic performance after being repeatedly wetted with water or body fluids such as urine. One of the challenges for development of a hydrophilic spin finish is to find the right composition and evaluation methods to meet the increasing requirements of the market. Touching base with the status-quo of hydro management globally.