Transparency the digital ecosystem for a transparent and traceable Manmade Fiber production

Saal C
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 13:55 - 14:20 Uhr

Physical and digital traceability play a vital role in the transition into a sustainable European Textile Industry. Here the digital ecosystem is the cornerstone for a fully traceable Manmade Fiber Industry and the Digital Product Passport. The technology to combine real time production data with physical DNA product markers provides the solution for a sustainable Manmade Fiber Production.

Markus Reichwein (Oerlikon Polymer Processing Solutions)
The escalating legislative pressure for a sustainable and transparent textile industry underscores the significance of data and traceability for manmade fiber producers. Positioned at the inception of the textile value chain, these producers face not only the imperative to enhance responsibility in sustainable and efficient production but also the opportunity to offer new services and enhance the value of their products. Oerlikon partnered with Haelixa to develop a comprehensive solution that integrates physical DNA markers apllied on manmade fiber products with digital production and quality data. Within this framework, serves as a digital ecosystem, furnishing the tools necessary for transparent and efficient production. Moreover, it functions as the platform for supplying the data essential for the European Digital Product Passport, thereby enabling the manmade fiber industry to distinguish itself with new offerings.