High Performance

Metallic Coated Inorganic Fibers: Possibilities and Adherence Mechanisms Explored

Saal Bira
Mittwoch, 11.09.2024, 13:30 - 13:55 Uhr

Showing the possibilites and applications of metallic coated fibers. Explaination of the adhering mechanism between glass and metallic coatings.

Max Schmidt (FibreCoat GmbH)
Metallic coated inorganic fibers present a realm of possibilities across various applications, spanning from aerospace to biomedical fields, due to their unique properties and functionalities. These fibers, comprising a core material such as glass or ceramic, adorned with metallic coatings, offer new possibilities of combining materials, thermal conductivity and electrical properties, opening ways for advanced engineering solutions. Understanding the adherence mechanism between the glass substrate and metallic coatings is crucial for optimizing the performance and durability of such composite materials. The adherence is primarily achieved through a combination of physical and chemical interactions, including mechanical interlocking, chemical bonding, and diffusion processes at the interface between the substrate and the metallic layer. By comprehending these mechanisms, researchers and engineers can use the full potential of these materials, leading to groundbreaking innovations across diverse industries. This paper explains adherence mechanisms and possible applications due to the unique material combination.