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NextSpin – Variation of fibre cross-sections of cellulose filaments by laser-drilled nozzles

Saal A
Freitag, 13.09.2024, 09:25 - 09:50 Uhr

Unlocking cellulosic fibres with unique cross-section by combining the HighPerCell® technology with laser-drilled nozzles.

Marc Philip Vocht (DTIF Denkendor)
A new process to produce cellulosic filament yarns with new cross section shapes is presented. This flexible technology is based on the sustainable HighPerCell-technology using an ionic liquid as direct solvent and a new family of laser drilled nozzles. The range of fibre shapes, including circular, triangular, square, cross, and flat is enormous. Numerous physical characteristics such as water retention, bulkiness, luster, and thermal insulation characteristics of fabrics are associated with cross sectional shape. The properties of these new class of cellulosic filament yarns will be presented with respect to textile and technical applications. The field for new application of these bio-based filament yarns produced by a sustainable technology is wide open.