Development of a Sustainable and High Performance Multi-layer Acoustic Nonwoven Fabric for Improving The Noise Insulation in Electric and Combustion Vehicles.

Saal C
Mittwoch, 11.09.2024, 17:10 - 17:35 Uhr

The project aims to improve noise isolation & absorption in low & Mid frequency region for the electric & combustion vehicles by designing and developing a sustainable, energy efficient and also eco-friendly WHEEL ARCH LINER based on a lightweight nonwoven fabric, which is also aimed to increased the driving range of the EV’s

The project aims to improve noise absorption & isolation in low & mid frequency for the electric vehicles (EV) and ICEVs by developing a sustainable, cost efficient and low carbon foot-print wheel arch outer liner based on a specialized fiber and extruded lightweight non-woven to reduce the noise level by 0,5dB in the exterior of the car. (As per the ECE R51.03 noise emission regulation) To relaize the above target, three companies with specific competence came together and done an extensive work. The result of this work will be presented in this session - 2D multi layer acoustic non woven fabric manufacturer – Hassan, Turkey - Carding wires and needle manufacturer for processing specialized fiber – Groz-Beckert KG, Germany - 3D wheel arch liner product manufacturer – Autoneum, Switzerland We sincerely thank EUREKA, Innosussie & Tübitak for funding this project.