Surface Modification

AGXX: The innovative, regulatory-compliant antimicrobial technology for textile functionalization

Saal C
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 09:50 - 10:15 Uhr

AGXX is an innovative antimicrobial technology, whose active substance is catalytically generated reactive oxygen species from water and oxygen. Since its working mechanism is not based on the release of any substances, such as metal-ions or organic substances, AGXX can be used already today but also in future in compliance with regulatory requirements. Textiles can be functionalized with AGXX and show excellent antimicrobial efficacy even after 100 washing cycles, expressing the high mechanical and chemical persistence of AGXX.

Oliver Asmus (Heraeus Precious Metals GmbH & Co. KG)
Heraeus has been working on the development and commercialization of the innovative antimicrobial AGXX-particles since 2020, which can be incorporated into a broad variety of materials, such as textiles, polymers, filters, paints, coatings and many more. The mechanism of action of AGXX is based on a catalytic redox reaction converting humidity and oxygen into reactive oxygen species (ROS) that eventually kill the microorganisms. The mode of action is further supported by micro electric field effects that perturb cell membranes. The AGXX technology has proven highly effective against more than 130 microorganism including germs with multiple resistances against antibiotics, e. g. MRSA. Furthermore, an excellent antimicrobial efficacy is achieved for bacteria that are resistant towards conventional silver technologies, such as certain E.coli types. As the catalytic AGXX technology is neither based on metal ion leaching as conventional silver technologies nor on the release of any further environmentally harmful substances, it is not consumed over time and therefore has a long-lasting effect. Due to its novel biocidal mechanism of action, AGXX can be used in compliance with the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation) already today but also in the future. In close exchange with different textile institutes and industry partners, the AGXX technology could be successfully incorporated into nylon and lyocell fibers. Moreover, textile functionalization with AGXX by coating has shown to be successful. The excellent antimicrobial efficacy of the obtained fabrics is not diminished even after 100 washing cycles expressing the high mechanical and chemical persistence of AGXX.