New Process Technologies

Piloting and scaling up for sustainable and circular textile fiber processing – challenges, solutions and opportunities

Saal B
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 15:10 - 15:35 Uhr

There will be a great need for sustainable textile processing solutions in the future, to solve challenges related to textile circularity. Valmet wants use its expertise in fiber processing to pilot and upscale novel textile fiber processing technologies. Based on our experience, we have identified challenges related to e.g. raw material complexity and scale of the planned mills, but also found novel solutions and identified opportunities such as active R&D with numerous funding opportunities, innovative start-up scene and global market interest with new business opportunities.

Heli Kangas (Valmet)
There will be an enormous need for sustainable textile processing solutions globally in the future due to evolving legislation and consumer demand. R&D in the field has been active during the recent years and many great process innovations are already operating in lab or pilot scale, some even at demonstration or commercial scale. Upscaling of the technologies is a real test for the feasibility of each technology and reveals if it will be a winner in a race towards circular textile production. Valmet has a broad expertise in fiber processing, innovation, R&D, piloting and scaling-up of processes in the pulp, paper and energy industries and wants to use its knowhow in the sustainable development of the textile fiber industry. Together with innovative companies we can pilot and upscale processes for textile recycling and manufacturing of man-made cellulosic fibers. The paper will discuss the challenges, existing and future solutions as well as opportunities in piloting and upscaling of sustainable textile fiber processes, from the perspective of technology developer and equipment manufacturer, based on the lessons learned and best practices identified.