High Performance

Cyborgised Cotton yarn, PALPA™.

Saal B
Donnerstag, 12.09.2024, 09:00 - 09:25 Uhr

PALPA™ as a technology to fully emphasise the advantages and compensate for the disadvantages of the natural raw material. Enhanced durability for long term use of final product. Combining two opposing characteristics as the key to sustainability.

Daria Miura (Unitika Trading Co., Ltd.)
About PALPA™technology: High-quality, multi-layered yarn made possible by Unitika Ltd's proprietary technology. A unique product that combines the pleasant feel of cotton and/or other natural fibers on the surface with polymers such as polyester in the strengthening core to ensure that the natural material does not lose its characteristics, is long-lasting and has excellent easy-care properties. "PALPA" is a synthesis of two English words: PAL (buddy) and PAPA (dad),which are synonymous with unbreakable family ties and mean "to be father's best friend".Like father and son, like natural cotton in a unique technology with a man made fiber,like PALPA fabrics with the customer's skin: spontaneously yet inseparably and naturally.