Empowering Mobility Through Circular Textile Innovation: Transforming Post-Consumer Waste into High-Quality Applications

The presentation shows how WYRON truecycled® addresses the significant global waste problem and limited raw material supply by transforming textile post-consumer waste into high-quality products, serving as a bridge towards circularity in an industry where full circularity remains a challenge, thus contributing to improved textile resource management and supporting the transition to a circular economy; such as automotive, home interior, and fashion.

Saal Bira
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 15:55 - 16:20 Uhr
Hans Peter Schlegelmilch, Wyron Refiber, Mönchengladbach (GER)

The world is currently facing both a significant global waste problem and a finite supply of raw materials. WYRON truecycled® addresses these problems simultaneously by turning textile post-consumer waste into high quality products. We turn textile post-consumer waste into high quality yarn.
As most of the current  fashion products and industry processes do not allow full circularity yet, Wyron represents a bridge on the way to a circular economy by contributing to a better economy and management of our textile resources. This way WYRON truecycled® supports moving towards a circular economy, that aims to inspire individuals and businesses to make conscious choices through our products and services. With our solutions we want to enable responsible individuals to save raw materials while designing high-quality products that meet industrial standards. We are working on becoming the first choice ahead of non-sustainable products in various branches, including automotive, home interior and fashion.