100% Sustainable textiles using agricultural residue (banana fibre)

Saal Bira
Mittwoch, 13.09.2023, 14:45 - 15:10 Uhr

By using agricultural residue, we avoid the burning of the banana tree and provide a textile that has almost no negative environmental impact Impact measurement : According to LCA analysis, our fabric uses 3 times less energy compared to cotton and emits almost half less CO2 compared to cotton. Banana fibre is a stronger fibre, has anti-bacterial quality and is super absorbent and has moisture wicking qualities.

Jayesh Vir (Green Whisper, Elancourt (FRA))

Green Whisper® makes sustainable textile from banana stem fiber (agro residue). We make fiber from the tree trunk that we procure from the farmers and convert this fiber into yarn and then weave the yarn to make textile. The process uses no chemicals and our innovation does not change the molecular chemistry of the original banana fiber and therefore the inherent qualities of the banana fiber are also present in the final fabric. Due to the use of agro residue, we don’t need land, water, energy and CO2 to produce the raw material. The net saving of water, CO2, energy is far greater than cotton. No impact on biodiversity and local land because we don’t need to grow anything because we get the raw material as a by-product from banana farming.