Harnessing the Green Revolution: Empowering Indian Farmers and Transforming Global Sustainability through Industrial Hemp Farming

The nascent Indian industrial hemp industry presents a golden opportunity to uplift farmers and lead the charge towards global sustainability. With its versatility and low environmental footprint, hemp farming can revolutionise various sectors, benefiting economies and the planet. By overcoming challenges through collaboration and innovation, India's hemp pioneers are paving the way for a flourishing green revolution. Embrace the potential, invest in the future – together, as India improves, the world improves.

Saal Bira
Mittwoch, 13.09.2023, 15:10 - 15:45 Uhr
Raghavendra Singh, Chlorohemp Agrotech Pvt., Ltd., Kashipur (IND)
Ambika Barmezai, Chlorohemp Agrotech Pvt Ltd, Uttrakhand (IND)

The industrial hemp industry in India is on the cusp of transformation, holding vast potential to empower
farmers and reduce global environmental impact. This paper explores the scope, challenges, and
opportunities of hemp farming in India. We delve into the applications, market demand, and growth
prospects of industrial hemp, comparing its profitability with traditional crops. Despite legal and
regulatory barriers, we highlight the positive impact of hemp on sustainability, economic growth, and job
creation. With government support and successful case studies as beacons of hope, we envision a
greener future through the thriving Indian industrial hemp industry.