HimGra-New Natural Hollow fibre

Saal Bira
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 11:25 - 11:50 Uhr

Natural fibres their cultivation, manufacture and processing pose a great potential for a sustainable textile industry. NNF is presented as a lucrative textile fibre as a sustainable alternative fibre resource. This presentation will tell story of a new natural fibre - HimGra innovated from a wild perennial grass creating more comfortable clothing and impacting lives of women in rural hill area. By participating in this Global Fibre Congress, we look forward to greater networking with various stakeholders of the textile and fashion industry thereby expanding our business opportunities towards meeting the collective goal of sustainability.


According to various estimates, and CO2 emission of Textile Industry could reach 26% of total CO2 emission by mid-century.  More comfortable environment friendly clothing with DESCATUK innovative under patented Himalayan Grass Fiber HimGra yarn from a perennial wild grass. This Himalayan grass have zero seed and cultivation carbon foot print in comparison to best fibre available present organic cotton.
The circular hollow fibre structure having close to 300 % water holding capacity and insulation property measured as Tog Value 0.49 sq. W/m-K making it suitable as an all-weather material with considerable lustrous, good drapability, less noisy clothing.
With an average of 80 lbs Kg annual clothing consumption, it is estimated that HimGra fabric can reduce 71 kg of CO2 emission, saving 109 Billion Litre ground water, saving energy 109 Million kWh energy in comparison to organic cotton clothing. This will add immediate disposable income to 24 women for a day for grass collection in hill areas which suffers more due to our clothing consumption.
Textiles (DESCAT), a B2B social impact start-up recently launched wool natural hollow fibre (NNF) amd LIVA NNF yarn and fabrics recently in a virtual event attended by 300 fashion textile professionals and academia.
NNF is claimed to be the most sustainable fibre developed by DESCATUK from a perennial grass grows on rained without fertiliser and pesticides at high altitude regions of north India. It is a natural hollow fibre and fabrics made with this yarn, are lighter, warm in winter and cool in summer. The presentation highlights the key elements of the fibre, its properties, its production and diversified utilization for various textile and fashion end-uses.
The company operates as a trusted social B2B venture for responsible fashion designers with a strong belief in making planet green by helping businesses to achieve the UN Fashion Industries Charter for climate action. It is closely working at join hands to support local communities of Uttarakhand for making safe to wear products, in sustainable and ethical working environment to meet the four ambitions of New Circular Textile Economy.