Fully traceable cotton, from farm to retail, with Haelixa

Saal Bira
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 09:25 - 09:50 Uhr

Traceability is a scalable tool to be leveraged in small and large productions. Telling the stories of conscious decisions to build collections using more sustainable tools is vital to improving supply chain transparency.

When one thinks of the main cotton-growing countries in the world, Italy is not a nation which immediately springs to mind. Haelixa has partnered with leading Italian fashion retailer OVS to create a fully traceable “made in Italy” collection. The journey begins with the harvest of a relatively new cotton plantation in Sicily. From there, Haelixa uses its innovative fiber traceability solution at harvest to mark the cotton with a unique DNA.  As the cotton travels through the value chain, Haelixa is testing for the DNA as forensic proof that it is the same cotton through PCR testing.  The project is solving many sustainability issues, including traceable fibers, localized production, and circular product storytelling.