Bylon™—a truly circular, thermoplastic fiber for use in apparel and beyond

Saal Bira
Mittwoch, 13.09.2023, 16:45 - 17:10 Uhr

The presentation will focus on introducing Bylon as a circular synthetic fiber with the ability to scale. The current state of the fiber (e.g. properties and scale) will be discussed as well as progress towards early applications.

Oliver Shafaat (Sci-Lume Labs, Inc., Edmond (USA))

We have all come to realize that the future of our planet has been compromised by our long history of
unsustainable development on a global scale. A reactive, and late, sense of urgency has emerged amongst
governments, consumers, corporations, NGOs, and other agencies to address this crisis. We at Sci-Lume Labs
are seeking to address the sustainability problem within the fibers industry. The scale of this industry is massive,
producing over 100 MT of fibers annually for use in the apparel, medical, automotive, and other industries.
Sci-Lume Labs’ core technology creates Bylon—a biobased, biodegradable, thermoplastic fiber. Bylon is unique
among next-generations materials because it can be melt-processed in the same equipment used for
conventional fibers today. As a circular drop-in replacement, Bylon is an immediately scalable value-added fiber
that will foster a healthier environment. During the presentation, I will introduce Bylon, its current state of
development, and its role in transforming the industry for a more circular future.