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Innovations in Sewing Thread for Circular Economy

Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy is incomplete if the sewing thread used is not sustainable. Coats has unveiled Industry First Sustainability Hub to Collaborate with Material Innovators and Supply Chain Innovators to develop sustainable sewing thr

Saal C
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 16:45 - 17:10 Uhr
SK Raja, Coats Group Plc., Bangalore (IND)

Sustainable fashion and circular economy are incomplete if the apparel and footwear are not sewn using sustainable
sewing threads. The latest draft EU regulations calls for Industry to design garments with durability, recyclability,
circularity, use of recycled content and environmentally friendly process chemicals with full traceability. This
presents huge challenge to the Fashion Industry to select and use appropriate trims in the garments and sewing
threads plays a vital role. Coats has developed multiple solutions – sewing thread from post-consumer recycled
polyester and polyamide substrate, thread from textile waste, thread from sustainable pulp, biomaterials and thread
for microfiber pollution reduction as well as design for disassembly. Coats recently dedicated an Industry First
Sustainability Hub in India – a state of the art – spinning and twisting pilot plant to evaluate and produce sewing
thread out of sustainable eco materials and to collaborate with the supply chain partners & material innovators to
create an industry solution. Coats will present all new innovations in sewing threads during GFC 2023 including some
customer pilots, in pursuit of sustainable fashion.