Leveraging the the Future of the Worldwide Textile & Fashion Industry

Saal C
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 15:55 - 16:20 Uhr

Leveraging the Future of the Worldwide Textile & Fashion Industry through innovation, legal frameworks and industry transformation. Presenting lighthouse business cases of transformation, legal frameworks, product certifications for circularity, implement

Albin Kaelin (epeaswitzerland gmbh, Bäch (SUI))

Leveraging the Future of the Worldwide Textile & Fashion Industry In 2022 the Business Worldwide Magazine CEO awards Albin Kaelin, epeaswitzerland gmbh as “Most Innovative CEO in the Worldwide Textile Industry” and the World Finance Magazine awards the Innovation Award Textile Industry 2022 to epeaswitzerland. How can the future of the worldwide textile & fashion industry be leveraged? Changing a mindset is challenging and causes many contradictions, discussions and often criticism and disagreements. Don’t look back to the existing products or systems, design everything new. Creating new perspectives for companies in the future for coming generations and the environment. This can only be created through innovation and strong and reliable partner networks. Over the years epeaswitzerland gmbh was able to build a Network of Trust with hundreds of clients and thousands of suppliers on a global scale Topics are: -Transformation of industry, support businesses to innovate and become safe and circular. It is a different way of thinking; this is why it is so challenging. Many lighthouses are needed to prove the different way of thinking is a success. How can the tipping point be reached soon.