Nonwovens & TT

Electrospinning - A potentially sustainable method for production of nonwoven like structures

The presentation will focus on the challenges and opportunities of electrospinning process to produce potentially sustainable nonwovens

Saal C
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 11:25 - 11:50 Uhr
Naveen Kumar Balakrishnan, AMIBM, Aachen (GER)
Maike-Elisa Ostheller, AMIBM, Aachen (GER)

Fibers with diameters in the lower micrometer and nanometer range have unique properties suitable for applications in the textile and biomedical industries such as filters. Solution electrospinning is typically used for producing such fibers but environmentally harmful solvents are used here. Melt electrospinning, on the other hand, does not use solvents but the high viscosity and low electrical conductivity of molten polymers produce thicker fibers. In this talk, we elaborate the work we carried out on melt electrospinning of biopolymers (PLA and PBS) to produce potential nonwoven filters. Additionally, we investigate the use multifunctional colorants dyes as additives to improve the spinnability of polylactic acid (PLA), improving the spinnability by reducing the electrical resistance of the melt, and incorporating antibacterial activity. Overall, we discuss the potential of melt