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LENZING™ Nonwoven platform: Journey to 100 % cellulosic nonwoven products

The presentation will give an update on LENZING™ Nonwoven Technology and its capabilities with deep dive in the wipes and hygiene sector. Also it will update on the market based learnings for applications in wipes.

Saal C
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 09:25 - 09:50 Uhr
Katharina Gregorich, Lenzing AG, Lenzing (AUT)

The responsibility on preserving our environment for next and future generations is close to
the heart of Lenzing AG - which is why Lenzing sees a need to drive innovation in a Lyocell
derived cellulose spinning technology – LENZING™ Nonwoven technology (formerly known
as LENZINGTM Web technology). This technology platform can directly produce 100 %
cellulosic, biodegradable and binder free nonwoven materials using the sustainably sourced
wood. It offers a wide range of fabric haptics and liquid management possibilities for a broad
application field. Lenzing is interested in co-developing material and optimizing technology
platform. To do so Lenzing has invested in a pilot facility in Austria to enable product
development. Lenzing is currently seeding markets with commercial versions of these
innovative materials. The LENZING™ Nonwoven technology platform can in the future be
combined with wetlaid technology to incorporate pulp and modify the fabric haptics and
properties even further. This will enable the production of next generation sustainable
nonwoven materials for brands and consumers.