Latest technologies and developments in textile recycling

Saal A
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 13:30 - 13:55 Uhr

The presentation will focus on the different technologies and current developments in textile recycling. ANDRITZ offers single and multiple complementary technologies to address the needs of different textile recycling challenges.

Elina Pesonen (Andritz Oy, Kotka (FIN))
Franz Frühauf (Andritz AG, Graz (AUT))

Textile recycling is a vital frontier for a more sustainable world. Clothing alone accounts for around 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, and much of the pre- and post-consumer waste generated by the textile industry ends up incinerated or in landfill.As part of its ESG Environment Social Governance (ESG) program, ANDRITZ is at the core of the movement to provide industrially and economically viable solutions for recycling pre- and post-consumer textile waste made from natural and synthetic fibers. The portfolio covers several segments in the textile industry value chain from textile fiber preparation, mechanical recycling by means of tearing to chemical modification to the production of yarn.