Circular Economy & Recycling

Agricultural waste as value source for fibre chemicals

The presentation will present the recent development of Bozzetto Group to use residual material from the production of olive and sunflower oil as raw material for the synthesis and formulation of fibre chemicals. The focus will be on comparison of environ

Saal A
Donnerstag, 14.09.2023, 09:25 - 09:50 Uhr
Alessandro Pellegrini, Bozzetto Group, Filago (ITA)

Circularity is being addressed as a key target by the whole fibre and textile value chain. In chemicals, the state of the art products are derived either from the oil industry or prepared from virgin raw materials, both animal and plant derived. Recent studies have been perfomed by Bozzetto R&D team to identify alternative sources of the key raw materials coming from agricultural streams. Production of olive and sunflower oil has been identified as a source of byproducts suitable for fibre chemicals, and the result is a new family of spin finishes and coning oils with >50% of raw materials coming from agricultural residues.