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Automation and digitalization of textile sorting for reuse and recycling

TEXAID's "Transform Textile Waste into Feedstock" project aims to establish scalable sorting facilities in Europe, addressing the 7-7.5 million tons waste problem and promoting fiber-to-fiber recycling, with the participation of renowned companies and technology assessments conducted by ITA Academy GmbH, ITA Augsburg gGmbH, and other partners. Additionally, the session will explore DETEX, an AI-driven sorting project led by ITA Augsburg gGmbH and Hochschule Augsburg.

Saal A
Freitag, 15.09.2023, 09:00 - 09:25 Uhr
Anna Pehrsson, TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG, Schattdorf (SUI)

Europe has a 7-7.5 million tons waste problem, of which only 30-35 % is collected and only around 15%-20% is sorted at scale by mid and larger-sized sorting facilities within the EU today. Sooner or later, textile products become non-reusable waste – therefore fibre to fibre recycling is critical to turn waste into value. To reach a circular textiles economy in Europe, there is a sorting capacity and technology gap to ensure high quality feedstock from non-wearable pre-and-post consumer textile waste to be sorted commercially at scale. Therefore, the project “Transform Textile Waste into Feedstock” was developed by TEXAID, as a leading company with the goal to establish scalable sorting facilities across Europe, the first one with a capacity of 50’000 tons by end of 2024. The project Transfom Textile Waste into Feedstock, led and initiated by TEXAID within the ReHubs initiative. Well-renowned companies like Concordia, CuRe Technology, Decathlon, Inditex, Indorama Ventures, L’Atelier des Matières, Lenzing, Marchi & Fildi, PurFi, Södra, Worn Again and others are taking part in the project to jointly assess technologies and the business case for scaled sorting for reuse and recycling.
The assessment of technologies for the project has been entrusted to ITA Academy GmbH in cooperation with ITA Augsburg gGmbH, the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University, and CETIA. The Technology Assessment focuses on examining the current state-of-the-art processes and technologies, with the aim of achieving sorting capabilities aligned with the principles of "Industry 4.0." This presentation will provide the latest updates and insights on the results of the Technology Assessment. Additionally, it will include a Technology Deep Dive into the AI-driven sorting project DETEX, led by ITA Augsburg gGmbH in collaboration with the Hochschule Augsburg.