IVL - Industrial Fibers & Fabrics

Glanzstoff - Performance Fibers - PHP Fibers

Indorama Ventures IVL Automotive and Industrial Fibers business globally has 11 production sites equipped with state-of-the-Art spinning and converting technologies.

The capacities of Glanzstoff, Performance Fibers and PHP Fibers for a wide range of tire reinforcement products and airbag yarns enable all three companies to meet the evolving customer needs of the automotive industry worldwide. The product portfolio gives a wide range of products:

·         Flat yarns for tires seat belts and airbags, single end cord and tire cord fabric 
·         Capability to customize physical and mechanical properties 
·         Customized hybrid cords

In addition, the portfolio offers special types for other demanding uses, such as truck tarpaulins, transportation belts, sail fabrics or sewing threads.